Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her

   Valentines Day is just around the corner and you have not yet purchased a present for your girlfriend - sacrilege! Fear not. If you are struggling to find the ideal gift for your loved one that is less on the pricey side, you have come to the right place. With these simple but effective ideas, you will obtain the perfect present for your lady in a heart beat!

Rosa White Photo Frame, £12,

1. A Framed Picture of You Together

   Nothing makes one smile more then reflecting on a treasured memory. So, what better way to do this than presenting her with a framed photograph of you together? That way, she will always have an aesthetic reminder of how great you are together to display in her room.
   I would recommend purchasing a Paperchase picture frame as they have a beautiful selection that is cost efficient (There is a 10% discount for students!). My personal favourite is the simplistic Rosa white photo frame, which is only £12 and guaranteed to go well in any room as white goes with any colour! It is, however, available in other colours.

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy
Eau de Parfum, £15.30, Boots

2. Perfume

   Do you like the perfume she wears? Let her know you do by gifting her with her favourite fragrance.
   I use the Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy perfume, which is faultless with its sweet smelling aroma that, unlike a lot of perfumes, is not sickly or overwhelming. It is currently on offer at Boots at £15.30. That saves you just under £8 and so would make a bargain gift for her this Valentines Day.
   You can find more offers of up to 1/2 price on perfume here.

Cosmetic Make Up Clear Acrylic
Organiser, 20 Sections with Draws,
£12.19, Amazon

3. Make Up Organisers

   If you know that she is a make-up maniac then you can be sure that she will definitely appreciate some form of organisation!
   These Cosmetic Make Up Clear Acrylic Organisers are certainly growing in popularity. There are many variations of this product and its minimalistic design allows for it to look exquisite on any dressing table. What's more is that they can be purchased cheap on Amazon, which is an amazing deal taking into consideration it's spacious storage. No more messy make up!

My turquoise themed stationary set
including: Pukka Pad, 2017 diary,
laptop case, pencil case (including
pencils, pen, ruler and rubber) and
revision cards, WHSmith

4. Matching Stationary

   Whether your partner is organised or has a flair for creativity, stationary possesses the key to her heart. Matching stationary sets are a sight for the sore eyes of any perfectionist!
   If you struggle to find a set of stationary that matches, try instead to apply a consistent theme. For example, you could purchase a number of pastel coloured items or products with butterflies on them. As you can see in the illustration, I have a matching pencil case and laptop case as well as a diary, revision cards and a notebook that follow the turquoise theme.
   You will easily be able to find matching stationary sets in any stationary store such as WHSmith or Waterstones but I would highly recommend Paperchase because their selection of stationary is just breathtakingly beautiful and exquisite.


5. Books

My last book haul from
      If your woman is a book lover like myself then there is no doubt that she will adore the bones of you if you present her with a paperback or two... or ten.
   Unsure of what books to buy her? Get a feel of what genre she enjoys to read about (thriller, fantasy, biography, sci-fi, etc) or have a look at the recommendations in any book store. They always tend to display the latest and most popular publications that have received good reviews and awards. Alternatively, explore any book store yourself and have a read of the blurb; if it sounds interesting to you, it will be likely to appeal to her also! 
   Who knows, you might find yourself asking her to borrow them to read after she has finished with them. It would make a great discussion over a cup of tea! 

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