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Review: Beat blackheads and breakouts with Dermalogica

DISCLAIMER: The products in this post were gifted to me by Dermalogica.

   In case you did not know already, I am so pleased to announce that I am now working with Dermalogica as a #skinfluencer and I am ecstatic as this is the first big brand I have had the pleasure of working with!

   Subsequent to them inviting me to be a part of their influencer programme, they asked me a few questions about my skin to get an idea of what products would be best suited to me and now I am very excited to be sharing these products with you.

   In this post, we will begin with their blackhead clearing fizz mask and breakout clearing booster from their Clear Start range.

The toxic side of the blogging community

   This post has been a long time coming. There's just never the right way to word it. Everyone has their own perceptions on what defines toxicity. Just like people have their good and bad sides, so does the blogging community. On the whole, I adore it because it is full of supportive, engaging and quirky personalities and it is such a pleasure to read all about them.

   Unfortunately however, there is a whole other ugly side to it and I am now going to reveal it to you based on my own experiences.

Why every blogger needs Blogosphere Magazine

   As a blogger who is always on the lookout for inspiration, advice and more content to read, subscribing to Blogosphere Magazine is the best thing I've ever done.

   Read on to find out how Blogosphere can help you to better your blog...