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Review: Brushing with BlanX

   Before BlanX very kindly sent me their new PRO range, it had been a while since I last used whitening products on my teeth as they have grown very sensitive over the years. My dentist advised me to stick with brands like Sensodyne and Colgate.

   However, I have been using this toothpaste for the last month and my sensitivity still has not come back!

The Boathouse in Bohortha

   In June, myself and my parents fancied a mini getaway to somewhere tranquil by the sea so that we could forget about the stress of everyday life and bury our faces in books.

   After hours of aimless searching on the internet, I finally checked Airbnb and came across this beautiful blue boathouse in Bohortha. It was remote, small but snug and the hosts allowed pets so my dog - Spit - could come along too!

Pretty in pink at Peggy Porschen's

   Having seen this picturesque pink parlour all over my Instagram feed for well over a year, I knew a visit to this place was long overdue. With the promise of pretty cupcakes and the perfect floral backdrop, how could I delay it any further?

   Let us find out if it lived up to the hype...