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Summer goals for my blog

   I am a firm believer that setting small and manageable goals is essential for life, particularly when it comes to my blog. It's the small victories of achieving them that allows me to plough on through the hard work needed to build a successful blog!

   This is the first time I've written a post like this but I think it is important to share your goals with other bloggers and readers so people know exactly where you want to go with your content. This allows for the provision of constructive feedback.

Breakfast at Élan Café

   Élan - situated in both Park Lane and Brompton Road - is renowned for its awe-inspiring floral decor and intricately prepared dishes from avocado toast to assortments of cakes and sweet treats

   I ventured there a few weeks ago with my best friend, Sav, and we were stunned by the sheer beauty of the place. All we knew - at this point - was that it was incredibly hyped up on social media by various bloggers and food enthusiasts but did it live up to these built-up expectations?

The floral decor blew me away; it was the first thing I noticed when I entered the café.

My second year at university

   It took me several attempts to write this post. The first few drafts were angry, pessimistic and dripped with regret. I talked a lot about the dwindling of both my mental and physical health, increased university stress and my consistent desire to drop out despite spending most of my life wanting this. 

   But then I remembered one very important thing: I'm still here.